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In Limbo [Dec. 31st, 2012|04:07 am]
The year is coming to an end in a about 21 hours time. I think I've done enough and I do feel contented with what I have right now. But there's always this certain part of that is yearning for something that I can't relate to. I'm not sure about it myself either. This year, I ended my service with the army and went on a couple of trips that have definitely changed my life. I've met a new group of friends that I can call family too. To be honest, I've never been this happy my entire life. But happiness do comes with a price sometimes. I fell in love with a girl but it never worked out. It definitely took a toll on me emotionally but what I've learned throughout this year was to learn how to forgive and never hold grudges against someone. I do still love her but I guess I've got to move on. We've got our own art collective going on but I don't think it'll last. With her ignoring me and all, I reckon I've got to disappear from this place soon before I start school. Traveling has always been my main source of escape. Escape from society, from an island that reeks the smell of angst. I have never been lucky with love; always ending up on the wrong path and leading myself to a meat grinder. With confidence, I daresay that loving myself isn't a problem at all but loving others has always been a constant issue.

2013 is definitely going to be a tough year. I can foresee a slew of hardships and month long personal battles I have to face throughout the year.I'll be going back to school and am most definitely looking forward to that.I hope things wont be as bad as 2012. I hate emotional roller coasters. Mountains, I'll be back for you guys.
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